The New Year’s Rut


“There is nothing new under the sun.”

– King Solomon


That feeling when you want to extend the long vacation. That horrendous feeling of going to work or school. That awful, lazy situation that you dread. Netizens call it “Reality”, others call it “The Monday Blues” and whatever it is called, we are all “stuck in a rut” – Welcome to The New Year’s Rut!

January 4th of 2016 broke our Christmas rush. That joyful ambience of relaxation & a whole lot of delicious pastries. The smell of the luscious ham, the crispy lechon, the wonderful gifts, the laughter with friends, the bottles of beer, the blinding lights, the fireworks – suddenly, it’s all over. The joy you treasured in your heart is now replaced with fear of the unknown. Afraid of all those tasks we dread to do repeatedly all week long. But hey! Would you like to have a vacation again? Or would you rather remove that heavy feeling of dreaded sadness? Let’s break it down using these weird yet poignant thoughts.

  1. Exercise your Mind

So many of us have not discovered that the mind is the main door to the throne of your emotions. What you see is not everything but “how” you see & “how” you give meaning to it that matter. What you sense is not everything but “how you give meaning”. Fear, sadness, joy & all sorts of emotions – it’s all how the mind process the senses then it gives birth to what color of emotions it will bring. Sounds like a movie.

  1. Imagine if Christmas Season is From January to December!

All you have to do is eat, sleep & laugh. What a boring life! Imagine you have Simbang Gabi all year long? Would you be willing to complete that? Imagine you have lechon everyday, consuming it for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Yuck! Life’s wonder happens when you let the four-seasons be the four-seasons or let’s say two-seasons if you are in the Philippines. Take it from Immanuel Kant. “Happines is someone you love, something to do and something to hope for.”

  1. Be Patient and Feel Each & Every Moment

“A thousand years is a single day for the Creator”, says the Psalmist. Feel the sadness, feel the fear, feel the boredom and believe that it won’t be there for long. Face it. Embrace it. Those emotions are the reasons why happiness becomes so special. Those are what make a life story legendary. Watch MMK. Watch an inspiring movie. Watch an epic play. They all have things in common: stories of sadness, weariness & boredom in the beginning that turned out to be awe-inspiring & legendary once faced with boldness & courage. What are your life’s fears? Your boredoms? What is your life story? Be in the zone and be patient. Become someone who will leave a legacy that will inspire your family, friends & the world!


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