The Force Awakens – A Star Wars Reflection *Spoiler-Free

star wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… “I can do it! I can do it!”, said Rey and Finn to themselves while trying to figure out how to pilot the legendary spaceship they thought was a junk. They are running away from the Stormtroopers. The Stormtroopers are chasing BB-8 and he gets lucky ‘coz he’s got company in Finn and Rey. What an exciting scene in the movie! Rey’s got some very cool driving skills. Now that’s the hype! Cool graphics!

Poe, the master of BB-8, gets captured and tortured by the First Order. So BB-8 wandered alone protecting the sensitive piece of Jedi-tech against the evil forces. Rey, the scavenger, is on her visualization mode. She’s sitting down in the desert, eating and daydreaming of becoming a pilot. She then heard of a commotion, a droid in trouble with the brutish scavenger, Teedo. That’s where BB-8 and Rey met, and Rey saves the day. Soon Rey will be offered by the Junk Dealer, Unkar Plutt, a big amount in exchange of BB-8, the techie droid. Rey stared at the money with so much desire afterward glanced at BB-8 trying to make a decision. Her kindness shines and she refused the big amount of money for BB-8. After that scene, you just know that you have a hero.

The very successful Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games is finished and now comes Rey the female Jedi of Star Wars. There are some similarities with The Hunger Games that will be noticed. The President of District 13, Alma Coin is a woman and so as the leader of The Resistance who is Leia Organa. You have Katniss from a small district who is a nobody and you have Rey who is a scavenger from Jakku which is being famous as a junkyard. Rey has no idea that Luke Skywalker, The Millenium Falcon and The Force is not just a myth but will soon become a reality in her life. That is the big difference – The Force. I am not going to write about the similarities and differences of this and of The Hunger Games but of the one thing special in Star Wars which is “The Force.” It’s my first time to watch Star Wars and here are the insights I’d love to share why I’m going to watch the trilogy:


  1. “I can do it! I can do it!”

“You don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great,” said Les Brown – one of the best motivational speakers in the world. It’s a matter of life and death. The Stormtroopers are destroying Jakku. Rey is on-board telling herself, “I can do it! I can do it!” She is doing the famous self-talk and encouraging herself.

In our lives we encounter those moments when we are faced with an overwhelming debt, a project so difficult, a sales pitch in front of VIP’s, a good break, board exams, family challenges, cancer and all sorts of trials with no one to encourage us. All we’ve got left is ourselves to encourage and motivate our mind and heart.

Don’t forget to tell yourself in the mirror, ” I CAN DO IT!” We all need a self-talk like taking a bath. A clean self-talk just like a clean water for taking a bath. Take a bath every single day!


  1. The Betrayal

Finn is running away. He is living in fear. He explained in the movie why he’s so scared of The First Order. He had to lie just to escape and hide even to the beautiful Rey. Rey got upset but Finn followed his fear and arranged an escape plan.

So many of us are paralyzed by Fear. We leave our friends, our loved ones, our colleagues because of insecurity and fear. When a bad situation happens, we keep quiet, we do not participate, we do not make a stand and we hide just like Finn.

But the good thing is that Finn saw the First Order attacking them. He forgot what fear meant. He searched for Rey and fought the battle to the very end even if it costs him his life. Like Finn, it’s not too late to fight for your loved ones. Forget about your escape plan. Face your fears like Finn and live your dreams!


  1. The Calling

Rey hears the calling. Skywalker’s Saber is calling her. Sounds like Obi Wan but for sure it’s her fate to be a Jedi. We all have the same moments like Rey. We get called. We see the vision of happiness. We get to know our dreams but then again we run away from it. We run away because we are afraid of the responsibilities and challenges that lie within those calling. Again and again – Fear. We are afraid that we will look weird because we have unique and special calling. We like to blend with the many and fade away with no legacy.

Like Rey, there will be that life changing moment that you are only left with one – to fight and to follow the calling. There is no other way around for Rey and for you: to live and to follow the vocation of becoming a Jedi.


  1. The Force

This is the very highlight of Star Wars. Rey is in denial that she was a Jedi. She is now a captive of The First Order and she needs The Force to escape from this. Kylo Ren discovers it and starts to be intimidated with Rey. Rey also slowly discovers the power of The Force and before Kylo Ren brings her to Snoke, The Force Awakens and Rey is on her way out.

Rey faces Kylo Ren towards the end. Kylo Ren said something very special that triggered The Force. Kylo Ren tries convincing Rey about a teacher, a mentor or a coach. He emphasized that if she only had a mentor, The Force will manifest in a very powerful way.

We all have The Force in us and Kylo Ren got it right. We need someone to coach us, to mentor us, to teach us. We need teachers, mentors and coaches. Manny Pacquiao got Freddie Roach. Rafael Nadal got Toni Nadal. MJ and Kobe got Phil Jackson. Tony Robbins with Jim Rohn. Quirino has Quezon. TJ Dillashaw with Urijah Faber. We all need someone to teach us how to manifest The Force within us. Sometimes, it takes a book, a blog or a seminar or an encounter of a wise man. Never waste the chance. Awaken The Force! The Force is with you!


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