3 Telltale Signs of a Girlfriend-Centered Life

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I was 20 and young when I thought life was all about playing basketball and having a girlfriend. Actually, I wanted to tell a story when I was 15 and all I did is have a girl and play a ball but that would sound offensive to the woman I love now who is by this time, already finished reading this article. So let’s move on.

I’m on my 24th year as a human being by this writing and in hindsight, I feel so stupid with my teenage years. I lost so much time spending it to a girl who won’t last a lifetime with me. I could’ve developed my core gifts instead. I was so obsessed at that time with living a girlfriend centered life that didn’t bear any fruit afterwards.

Here are the telltale signs that would someday make you miserable.



Everywhere you go you need her. Every decision you make you ask her. Every move you make you text her. You exchange each other’s passwords on your social media accounts. It’s as if, the last thing left that’s never done is to clean her butt after shittin’.

Yes! It is romantic but never attractive. All obsessions have no forever. Obsessions are short-time thingy. Such relationships will never last simply because men are wired to chase mystery. If the girl is no hard-to-get anymore, the chasing is over and what a boring relationship. Co-dependence is 101% BORING!

One goal in this life is to become interdependent which is so difficult to achieve. Watch the Golden State Warriors play and you’ll understand what interdependence means. Passing the ball to each other and everyone makes a shot. Watch the Houston Rockets play and you will see how much they depend on James Harden.

Neediness is unattractive. And someday your partner will lose that interest in you because he saw a Mr. Independent in the campus that is very attractive by the way.


2.”Bahala’g Saging Basta Loving”

There’s this old Visayan saying above, “Even if we live by bananas as long as we love each other.”  This is one of those old school infatuation traps. Yes, Love is the priority but believe me you will sometimes need money like you need oxygen.

Bills, Tuition Fees, Tricycle Fares, Load and other stuff, you can’t use bananas to pay off those. Let’s debunk this myth. “Blessed are the balanced.”

3. Riding in the Famous Emotional Roller Coaster

She informs you that she’ll be out with her friends and you tell her to stay at home. She informs you that she will be swimming in the resort with her family and you tell her not to go with them. Why is that happening? – EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER

Emotion tells you that she will be cheating on you but the fact is that she will just be swimming with her family or friends. Family and friends are very important in life so if you hinder her because you don’t have good foundation of principles in life, you are misleading her from the true meaning of life. Feelings are not facts. Again, Feelings are not facts.

Sean Covey the author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens tells us that Family, Friends, Career, School, Girlfriends or Boyfriends and other centers that we establish are not the best centers to rely on. Why? Because if we live our lives around a girlfriend we will become inconsistent and miserable. Girls change opinions every month and every week and if you have no set of principles to deal with this: you will be shouting at each other because you’ve reached two years and yet you haven’t understood what are the true relationship goals. Lack of principles will make you fight each other every single meeting.

The exact center of life is Principle. Your mind connects everywhere to your body. When you’ve locked-down principles in your head, your actions are subconscious and it will seem like an auto-pilot like an airplane who knows its own destination. You will become so natural and so graceful and so attractive.

Principles never fail. Your girlfriend will. Principles will be consistent. Your girlfriend obviously is not. Try a paradigm shift and tell me about your progress.


Your Big Fan,

Angelo James


P.S. I would love to hear your story and your progress in life. E-mail me at aj.biatingo37@gmail.com


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